Create Abundance


I’m Meredith Matsakis, founder of pEOny, Asheville native and NYC transplant, holistic health + biz coach, and Silver leader in dōTERRA. 

I’m ecstatic you’re here because I know we share a passion for creating a lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable through the self-care choices we make. 

As you explore what it could mean for you to own a wellness business, remember that you don’t have to know where to start. That’s quite literally what we are here for. We launch, build, and lead successful, empowered leaders in dōTERRA. 

Not to brag, but our team is at the top and annually we bring in millions of dollars through our conscious enterprise. We are SO ready for you to join us and make an impact on not only your bank account, but the world. 

Want the quick steps to get started with essential oils? 

Are you ready to live, lead and earn in ways you never thought were possible?

Drop me a line, let’s start to brainstorm!

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