“Honestly, this helps my anxiety so much.”

"I have always dealt with high anxiety & stress in my daily life and Essential Oils have really been a huge help in relaxing. I think we sometimes forget how much smell affects us and everytime I use Breathe and Balance, I immediatly feel more relaxed. Honestly, it helps my anxiety so much."

— H.S.

“My sugar cravings are gone!”

"Slim & Sassy is the way to go if you dont want to use chemicals to support you in losing weight & keeping weight off. I put 2-3 drops in my water everyday and my sugar cravings are gone, I feel more excited to tackle a workout, and I have more energy!"

— L.S.

"My goal is to replace my entire bathroom cabinet with oils. I want to open up that cabinet and see no toxins, chemicals, or synthetics."

— Meredith


“Bedtime got easier.”

"My 5 year old son has a very difficult time falling asleep and it wasn't until I put a diffuser in his room that bedtime got easier. His favorite oils are Breathe and Wild Orange!"

— E.M.

“I feel so much better.”

"I tried everything for my digestion pain and hated how many chemicals I was putting in my body over and over again. I started using DigestZen for my tummy issues and I feel so much better about it."

— H.M.


“HD Clear > Proactiv”

"I have tried what seems like every product for my face and it wasn't until I started NOT using chemicals that my face cleared up. HD Clear > Proactiv all the way!"  

— A.D.

“Cleaning products just got cleaner”

"I have been wanting to make my own cleaning products for a long time and doTERRA & pEOny gave me the supplies and knowledge to do it! My cleaning products just got a whole lot cleaner!" 

— K.V.

“Since I graduated college, I’ve really been trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve tried to do that in the most natural way possible, for example, eating more organic, plant-based foods while cutting out processed foods as much as possible. I’ve been interested in essential oils during this transition period. I bought a cute diffuser, and I defuse oils every night before bed. I’ll also defuse them when I’m doing yoga or meditating (one of the new lifestyle changes I’ve embraced). I use specific oils for specific things, like stress or head pain. I attribute all of these natural lifestyle changes, including my nightly oil diffusing, to feeling so much more energized and healthy this past year, which is essential because grad school is harder than college!” -Sierra Kohler