Want 25% off your Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Essential Oils? Have a drive to share the magic of doTERRA's products with others? Join our team as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate!

Just as a reminder, joining doTERRA and getting wholesale prices (25% off always) requires a $35 membership, just like joining Costco. The best way to get started is with an enrollment kit, since our kits have discounted prices and waive your membership fee. And don't forget, by joining with an advocate number below, you get to be a part of a nationwide team that supports you every step of the way! 

To enroll, follow these steps:

doTERRA Enrollment First Steps

  • Become a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate by visiting the doTERRA ENROLLMENT PAGE.

  • Select your Country and Language, and press continue.

  • Fill out the "ABOUT YOU" section with your information and create your account password.

Account Type

  • If you just want to use the product – and get 25% off – sign up as a Wholesale Customer.

  • If you know you want to Share and make a commission or Build your own business, sign up as a Wellness Advocate.

  • Don't worry if you're unsure which to select! You can always switch to a Wellness Advocate from a Wholesale Customer at any point.

Referral Information

  • If you were referred by Meredith, insert doTERRA ID #4123246

  • If you were referred by Leonis, insert doTERRA ID #6156081

  • Unsure which ID to use? insert doTERRA ID #4123246

  • Be sure to Verify ID before continuing

Enrollment Kits & Products

  • Select the Enrollment Kit of your choosing!

  • If you would rather get started without a kit, add the $35 Wholesale Membership Fee to your cart.

  • Once you've selected the products you want, continue with the check out. Be sure to check the box For Personal Use.

  • After your order is placed, we'll be in touch to start your journey with doTERRA and the pEOny Community!

  • Have questions? Drop us a line at joinpeony@gmail.com!