Holiday Gifting Made Easy For Your Business

Introductory kit - $20

Introductory kit - $20


Take the stress of gift giving away this Holiday season…

I’m here to make your life easy by providing the supplies, education, and energy for giving your employees a meaningful holiday gift. I work in corporate Visual Merchandising full time so I am a pro at creating a beautiful gifts that teach people about the benefits of essential oils.

By planning your holiday gifting with me, you are providing your employees the opportunity to learn more about their self-care options and wellness in a fun and relaxed way. It is so important for companies to show their employees that they can show up for them in this way. I am here as a connected and heart-centered leader to make your vision come to life in the best way possible!

Let’s find a time to brainstorm and make your vision come to life!

Click the “Learn More” link to download a PDF that explains the process. Feel free to pass along to your HR department or business owner.