Want to get your oils paid for this month?

It is super easy to get your oils paid for this month! Become an Essential Oil Ambassador and share the amazing powers of essential oils with your family and friends. Not only are you changing their life, but you can make a commission when you share as well!

Here are the steps:

  1. Become a Wellness Advocate by upgrading your account under “Account Profile.” You do this by entering your social security # so you can get paid!

  2. Set your LRP to 100pv so you can make FAST STARTS (this is where you make 20% of whatever you sell!!)

  3. Invite people to pEOny’s Online Essential Oil Classes. This is the easy part because the pEOny team will do the work for you! You invite them, they learn on our online class, and then…

  4. You enroll them with your DoTERRA ID Number!

Link to ONLINE Classes: https://calendly.com/joinpeony

It is that simple! You can get part of your 100pv worth of oils paid for by doing this or get all of them paid for!

If you have any questions or what to know more, send an email to joinpeony@gmail.com and we will make it happen! :)