Haydyn Creates a Habit: Why I Joined doTERRA

Bad habits are easy to create and hard to get rid of; healthy habits, however, seem to be the exact opposite. While we can experience a spark of motivation to get in shape, eat healthily, or make any other lifestyle change, to maintain a positive habit can sometimes seem impossible.

This common occurrence is ESPECIALLY true for me. I have bursts of energy followed by great ideas about how to remake my life, but I somehow still fall short of my end goal. I implement what should be life-changing routines for short periods of time before inevitably melting back into my old habits. Hitting the gym every morning at 6:00 am? A piece of cake! ...until sleeping in a little longer obliterated my desire to walk several blocks in the cold pre-sunrise. Cutting back on processed foods and alcohol? No problem! ...except for when my FOMO kicks in on the weekends. Old habits really do die hard.

After moving to New York and kicking off 2018, I knew that something had to give in my love-hate relationship with change.  I could feel the toxins of the city take over my body, and I felt the need to find SOMETHING to make me feel better inside and out, without breaking the bank. I knew, though, that for me to successfully make a change, I'd need an external motivator and support system to keep me accountable.

In mid-January, my dear friend Meredith introduced me to her lifestyle with doTERRA. Her enthusiasm and love for the product radiated from her, and it was electrifying. After discussing the products over a steamy bowl of Ramen while an NYC snow flurried outside,  I knew that cutting out my chemical intake with doTERRA was the right move for me. And with Meredith by my side, I felt that I really could make the change.

Since joining the pEOny Tribe alongside Meredith, implementing change in my life has turned out to be much less daunting. While I haven't hit the mark to create a permanent habit (most habits stick after about 60 days on average), pEOny and doTERRA have supported my new lifestyle every step of the way. The best part? The chemical-free Essential Oils WORK! And so much better than I could have ever imagined. Because of my immediate positive with doTERRA oils, plus the knowledge I've gained, I am confident that this is a healthy habit I can easily keep. Now, every day I start my morning and end my night diffusing oils to suit my emotions. I don't leave my apartment without DigestZen and OnGuard - two products that have radically changed my daily life. I can't wait to take this newfound passion for living the Essential Oil life with people because I know it'll change their life too! 



Haydyn from the pEOny Tribe