Want to get your oils paid for this month?

It is super easy to get your oils paid for this month! Become an Essential Oil Ambassador and share the amazing powers of essential oils with your family and friends. Not only are you changing their life, but you can make a commission when you share as well!

Here are the steps:

  1. Become a Wellness Advocate by upgrading your account under “Account Profile.” You do this by entering your social security # so you can get paid!

  2. Set your LRP to 100pv so you can make FAST STARTS (this is where you make 20% of whatever you sell!!)

  3. Invite people to pEOny’s Online Essential Oil Classes. This is the easy part because the pEOny team will do the work for you! You invite them, they learn on our online class, and then…

  4. You enroll them with your DoTERRA ID Number!

Link to ONLINE Classes: https://calendly.com/joinpeony

It is that simple! You can get part of your 100pv worth of oils paid for by doing this or get all of them paid for!

If you have any questions or what to know more, send an email to joinpeony@gmail.com and we will make it happen! :)

Make the perfect Mezcal Mule for Summer!

This is one of my favorite drinks on a hot summer day! Make yours without chemical flavoring by using Lime & Ginger Essential Oil!


2 ounces Mezcal

3 ounces Lemonade

1/2 Teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Squirt Agave Nectar

1 Drop DoTERRA Ginger EO

1 Drop DoTERRA Lime EO

Finish with fizzy water

Garnish with a slice of candied ginger and lime wheel

HOW: Fill shaker with ice. Layer ingredients in shaker, shake well and serve in a copper mug. Fizzy water goes in last.

Ginger Essential Oil: Internal use of ginger is best known as a digestive aid and for helping to ease occasional indigestion and nausea. Ginger can be applied topically or inhaled for a soothing aroma.

Lime Essential Oil: Cold-pressed from fresh limes, this EO is refreshing and energizing in both aroma and taste. Due to its high limonene content, Lime provided internal cleansing benefits and can be diffused to help purity the air. Lime is know for its ability to uplift, balance, and energize.

RECIPE: Herbed Pasta Salad

This is a great pasta salad for a picnic in Central Park or when you are tired and just dont want to make dinner in the summertime.


1 (16 ounces) package bow-tie pasta

2 cups grape tomatoes, quartered

7 ounces fresh mozzarella, cubed

1 medium sweet yellow bell pepper, diced

½ small red onion, chopped

½ cup of pickled banana pepper rings

1 (2 ¼ ounces) can black olive slices

8 slices salami, chopped

½ cup fresh basil, thinly shredded



¾ cup olive oil

¾ cup red wine vinegar

1 garlic clove

1 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon pepper

2 drops Basil oil


  1. Cook pasta according to package instructions. Drain and rinse in cold water. 
  2. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients leaving dressing until last.
  3. Mix dressing ingredients in a blender until emulsified.
  4. Toss dressing with pasta until coated. Cover and refrigerate for one hour to allow flavors to mingle.
  5. Serve in a large bowl and enjoy.

Tip: Keep refrigerated until you are ready to serve, to maintain freshness.

Bug Bite Relief Roller Bottle

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.21.14 AM.png

From campouts to barbeques, spending time outside often leads to an increase in bug bites. When pests like mosquitos attack, they draw a tiny amount of blood while simultaneously injecting some of their own saliva into your skin. This foreign substance causes your body to release histamine as an immunity defense, which can result in itchiness. Luckily, if you find yourself up all night scratching, essential oils can help provide some relief. 

This simple DIY combines the powerful soothing properties of Lavender with the cooling impact of Peppermint. Together, these oils help alleviate skin irritation and put your mind at ease. 

As an alternative option, try adding doTERRA’s Purify Cleansing Blend to your roller bottle instead. This powerful blend of citrus and fir oils helps cleanse and protect the skin.

Don’t let bugs ruin your summer fun. Once you’ve created your Bug Bite Relief blend, be sure to have it on hand at the next outdoor activity.


2 teaspoons doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil

10 drops Lavender essential oil

10 drops Peppermint essential oil


15–20 drops Purify essential oil


  1. Add Fractionated Coconut Oil to empty 10 mL roller bottle.
  2. Next, add the essential oils of your choice.
  3. Secure the lid to your roller bottle and shake until ingredients combine.
  4. Apply as needed.

After Sun Soothing Spray!

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 9.50.58 AM.png

SUMMER IS UPON US! Sun exposure is good, but too much of it can cause irritation. Next time you deal with discomfort from too much sun, try this after-sun soothing spray with essential oils.

Check out the Summertime Diffuser Blends at the bottom of the post as well! 


1 cup aloe vera juice

¼ cup doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil

1 teaspoon vitamin E

8 drops Lavender oil

8 drops Melaleuca oil

8 drops Peppermint oil

Note: You can find aloe vera juice at your local health food store.


  1. Combine all ingredients in glass spray bottle.
  2. Shake to combine. 

Tip: Shake before each use to incorporate all ingredients. Spray onto skin as needed and enjoy its soothing benefits.



Haydyn Creates a Habit: Why I Joined doTERRA

Bad habits are easy to create and hard to get rid of; healthy habits, however, seem to be the exact opposite. While we can experience a spark of motivation to get in shape, eat healthily, or make any other lifestyle change, to maintain a positive habit can sometimes seem impossible.

This common occurrence is ESPECIALLY true for me. I have bursts of energy followed by great ideas about how to remake my life, but I somehow still fall short of my end goal. I implement what should be life-changing routines for short periods of time before inevitably melting back into my old habits. Hitting the gym every morning at 6:00 am? A piece of cake! ...until sleeping in a little longer obliterated my desire to walk several blocks in the cold pre-sunrise. Cutting back on processed foods and alcohol? No problem! ...except for when my FOMO kicks in on the weekends. Old habits really do die hard.

After moving to New York and kicking off 2018, I knew that something had to give in my love-hate relationship with change.  I could feel the toxins of the city take over my body, and I felt the need to find SOMETHING to make me feel better inside and out, without breaking the bank. I knew, though, that for me to successfully make a change, I'd need an external motivator and support system to keep me accountable.

In mid-January, my dear friend Meredith introduced me to her lifestyle with doTERRA. Her enthusiasm and love for the product radiated from her, and it was electrifying. After discussing the products over a steamy bowl of Ramen while an NYC snow flurried outside,  I knew that cutting out my chemical intake with doTERRA was the right move for me. And with Meredith by my side, I felt that I really could make the change.

Since joining the pEOny Tribe alongside Meredith, implementing change in my life has turned out to be much less daunting. While I haven't hit the mark to create a permanent habit (most habits stick after about 60 days on average), pEOny and doTERRA have supported my new lifestyle every step of the way. The best part? The chemical-free Essential Oils WORK! And so much better than I could have ever imagined. Because of my immediate positive with doTERRA oils, plus the knowledge I've gained, I am confident that this is a healthy habit I can easily keep. Now, every day I start my morning and end my night diffusing oils to suit my emotions. I don't leave my apartment without DigestZen and OnGuard - two products that have radically changed my daily life. I can't wait to take this newfound passion for living the Essential Oil life with people because I know it'll change their life too! 



Haydyn from the pEOny Tribe

DIY No-Chemical Bath Bomb

WE LOVE BATH BOMBS! If you have the luxury of having a bathtub in NYC, we're sure you are always on the lookout for the perfect bath bomb. Before you buy, STOP and think about what is actually in that bath bomb you are about to soak in for 30 minutes... Many times it is harsh chemicals and very few things that actually help & heal your body. Here is one of our favorite DIY Essential Oil Bath Bomb recipes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.22.47 PM.png

Recipe and image from doTERRA.com


1 cup citric acid

1 cup baking soda

½ cup cornstarch

½ cup doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil

8–10 drops favorite essential oil

Note: Citric acid can be found at most major supermarkets in the canning section.

Tip: You could also use almond oil or olive oil in the place of doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil.


  1. In a bowl, place citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and oil.
  2. Add eight to 10 drops of the essential oil or blend of choice.
  3. Mix well with a spoon until soft dough is formed. It should have the consistency of damp sand.
    Note: If the mixture is too wet, try adding a little more baking soda and cornstarch until the consistency is correct. 
  4. At this point, you may add food coloring, dried herbs, or flower petals to the mixture. 
  5. Place mixture in silicone molds. Let sit 24 hours before removing from mold.
  6. To use, drop in tub or shower and allow to dissolve.

Note: Choose an essential oil to best suit your needs. For relaxation, try Lavender or doTERRA Serenity®. For a mood boost, try Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss®, or Peppermint. 

Bath bombs are excellent gifts for both adults and children. When making for kids, try adding some color to the mixture. Not only will they love that the water changes colors, but will also love the fizz from the bath bomb.

Note: If you don't have a bathtub, these bath bombs can still be effective in a shower. The water will help dissolve the bath bomb and release the aroma of the essential oils into the steam.